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  • 1-Happy holiday
  • 2-Bedroom
  • 3-Kitchen
  • 4-Living Room

Happy holiday

Colorful Juice Store

Mini Pet Shop

Happy Picnic

Interesting Garden


Super Fans

Mini Shoe Store

Colorful Dressing Room

Leisure Tea Time

Specialty shop

Dessert House

The Boutique

Kurhn Living Room

Kurhn Restaurant

Chinese Girls


Dream Gardener

Dream Gourmet

Dream Designer


  • Colorful Dressing Room

  • Colorful Juice Store

  • Mini Pet Shop

  • Interesting Garden

  • Mini Shoe Store

  • Super Fans

  • Bridesmaid

  • Happy Picnic

  • Kurhn Restaurant

  • Kurhn Living Room

  • Dessert House

  • The Boutique

  • Chinese Girls-DreamTraveller

  • Chinese Girls-Dream Gardener

  • Chinese Girls-Dream Gourmet

  • Chinese Girls-Dream Designer

  • Fashion Minnie-Good Night baby

  • Fashion Minnie-Furniture.Bedroom

  • The Living Room

  • Happy Cabin